May and June Bulletin Boards

Ok. So things have been crazy busy with school ending, a trip to Virginia, and illness. I’m finally getting around to posting everything up. Whew. Hang on tight and here we go!

My May bulletin board was flowers made out of coffee filters. I used a marker to draw Happy Mother’s Day! I was able to use extra flowers to cover the words up after the day was over. For those of you wanting to do this craft, use markers to color the coffee filters and a spray bottle to make the colors bleed. Make sure to let the filters dry before attempting to put them up. They tear very easily. I did paint on the stems using a cotton ball. It gave them the perfect effect.

2013-05-10 13.33.55

2013-05-10 13.34.46


My June bulletin board was bugs made from plates. I think I had more fun with this craft then the kids did. To make this craft you will need craft glue and Elmer’s White glue, small wiggly eyes, green and black fuzzy craft sticks, blue and green plates, multi colored and various sized pompoms, and a ton of stickers. Cut the plates in half. Cover in stickers. Glue on pompoms and craft sticks.

2013-05-31 10.01.09


2013-05-29 11.48.05

2013-05-31 10.21.19

Our bugs were grasshoppers and butterflies but you could make any bug of your choosing. The end of this week, I will be using precut letters to write out Happy Father’s Day! If you did notice, I recycled some of the flowers from last months project. I think it worked perfectly for this board.

I hope you enjoyed the boards so far this summer! Stay cool!

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